Friends Fanfic!!!

-Enjoy these scripts, and try writing your own! If you've written any Friends fanfic, please send it to me through e-mail and I'll put it on this page. If you know HTML please send it in that format, but if not I can convert it.

Susan Daneem
TOW the Mother & Child Pt.1
TOW the Mother & Child Pt.2
TOW the Icy Cold Feet

TOW the Kiss
TOW the Babysitting
TOW All the Vegtables

TOW the Sniffles

TOW the Robber

TOW Everything Happens

Starway Man
TOW Ross Doesn't Remember
TOW Ross Is Gone
TOW Chandler's E-mail
TOW Seinfeld
TOW Joey's Emergency Plan

Poem from Chandler's point of view to Monica
Poem from Monica's point of view to Chandler

TOW They All Get Married

James Aston
TOW the Candle Wax