Chandler's Poem

Note- This is in Chandler's point of view, he can say this to Monica after they get engaged. I would love any feedback, just tell me what you think.


It all started when I meant you,

on that Thanksgiving in 87',

It wasn't until later that I realized,

you were sent to me from heaven.


At first we were enemies,

you even cut off my toe,

but then you moved in across the hall,

and I knew our friendship would grow.


After that we became the best of friends,

always talking over coffee at Central Perk,

right then I knew that a relationship with you,

could just might work.


Since then you were my crush,

and all I wanted to do,

was to ask you out on a date,

but I didn't know if you felt the same way too.


Whenever I needed help,

you were always there by my side,

you tought me about relationships and life,

and I comforted you when you cried.


Every guy you dated,

I was so jealous of,

but they didn't respect you and

I knew that you would find a truer love.


Then we went to London,

and got drunk over our heads,

I couldn't remember what happened,

but I woke up with you beside me in bed.


When we got home we were together again,

and I thought "This is my chance,"

so over filled with joy of us being together,

I did my Chandler dance.


We tried to keep it a secret,

and so we would always sneak about,

but after our hotel trip in Jersey,

Joey soon found out.


Many things happened after that,

including video cameras, a certain picture, and underwear,

but we stuck together,

because we had a lot more of each other to share.


One night, when you manged to stay over,

I knew we would never part,

because I just looked at you and realized

'property of Monica' was written all over my heart.


Soon Rachel and Phoebe found out,

that we were more than just friends,

trough all of the competition,

I knew Phoebe would be the one that wins.


Because deep down I loved you,

and I couldn't keep it inside me anymore,

I shouted "I love her,"

as you shot out from behind the bathroom door.


You smiled and wrapped your arms around me,

as we looked deep into eachother's eyes,

then you said that you loved me too,

I was so happy I almost cried,


After that I proposed to you twice,

once because I was afraid of losing you,

and the other,

by a roll of some dice.


But we both realized we weren't ready,

even though we were according to the signs,

So we moved in together,

which we both thought was just fine.


Of course we had our arguements,

but we would always pull through,

after a year of living together,

I decided I really wanted to marry you.


I got a phone message from the museum,

saying that there was an opened spot,

for a Geller/Bing wedding,

and I thought, by you, I was caught.


'Chandler is not ready to get married',

is what I made you think of this Bing,

but little did you know,

Phoebe and I were shopping for your ring,


The night came for me,

to pop the question,

but Richard came in,

and later he told you his confession.


You had two guys that loved you,

and they both had marriage on their minds,

but you didn't know my plans,

so off to Richards you went for a short time.


After Joey told me what happened,

I ran to Richard's house,

but you already left,

my heart was all tossed about.


I returned to the hallway,

where Joey meant me there,

he said you packed for your parent's,

and I knew life just wasn't fair.


But I opened the door,

you got down on one knee,

and you soon realized,

that proposing wasn't that easy.


So I took out the box and bent down,

and I asked for your hand

to love and cherish forever,

to make me a happier man.


Of course you said yes,

and we both cried,

it turns out that

I'm not dead inside.


I just wanted to say,

with all my heart it's true,

Monica E. Gellar,

I'm so in love with you.


By Chanandmon4ever (through Chandler's point of view)

I would love any feedback, just tell me what you think.