Monica's Poem

Note- Note- this is in MonicaÕs point of view, she can say this to Chandler after they get engaged. I would love any feedback, just tell me what you think. And make sure to read my poem from ChandlerÕs Point of View.


"Oh my god," is all I could say

When I sat there in London alone on my bed.

Everything was just so confusing,

Flashbacks of you played in my head:


We were in the hospital,

The day Ben was born.

"When will I get a baby!"

I jealously mourned.


You looked at me and said,

YouÕd have a baby with me,

If neither of us by 40 were involved,

And you wanted me to agree.


I just thought you were joking,

Or saying it as just a friend,

I didnÕt know there was more between us

That could start but would never end.


All of a sudden it was Thanksgiving with Ross,

Who just came from college and frankly I never cared,

But with Ross came the lead of his band,

And at him I happily stared.


There you we,

Standing there,

So handsome and dashing,

(Except for your hair)


You instantly amazed me,

And I made you some Mac & Cheese,

But behind my back, you called me fat,

I guess to you I was just a tease.


I forgave you because you helped me

To lose all that weight you know,

But then I turned around

And accidentally cut off your toe (sorry)


Flash, to outside Central Perk

Where we were waiting for PhoebeÕs cab,

I was saying how IÕd never find a boyfriend,

And you sat and listened to me blab.


"If worst comes to worst,

IÕll be your boyfriend," you said,

I giggled out loud because

Little voices were laughing inside my head.


You were boyfriend material

Is what you tried to get me to see,

But the only thing you ended up doing,

Was peeing on me.


Sitting there in London,

I did not know what to do,

Have you always wanted us to be more than just friends?

Because I wanted to be more than best friends with you.


I left for RossÕ wedding,

Where I had to go,

All the way praying,

That youÕd let me know.


Side by side together,

We walked down the aisle,

You whispered you wanted to come over that night,

I couldnÕt help but to smile.


Soon we decided we would

Only get together there,

So we dashed off looking for a place

But there was no extra room to spare.


Finally back home,

We broke the ŌNot in New YorkÕ rule,

You made me feel so special,

You treated me like a jewel.


I have never regretted

That London night,

But once I wondered

If what we did was right.


That wonderment soon went away

One evening when we shared a bath,

You made a beard out of bubbles,

You constantly made me laugh.


There we were,

Sneaking about,

Someone would catch us,

I had no doubt.


Joey was the first,

Then Rachel soon after I bet.

But that night you went out with Phoebe,

Is the night IÕll never forget.


"I love you Monica" you told me,

After from the bathroom I came,

I held you close and looked deep into your eyes,

As I replied the same.


The very next day,

You proposed to me,

But that was only

One out of three.


Insanity bought the first proposal,

But it was really sweet,

You didnÕt want to lose me,

So you did this drastic feat.


The second didnÕt come on one knee,

But by the roll of two fours.

Then a wake-up call came to us,

When Ross and Rachel came from behind the chapel doors.


After you moved in came the third,

And there were some mix-ups there,

Everything was falling apart,

Nothing in the world was fair.


But it turned out all right,

And I had nothing to fear,

Because on one knee you really proposed,

And your eyes were filled with tears.


All these precious moments

Of you and me together,

Will never leave my mind,

I will be in love with you forever.


We stand here and think

As you hold me in your arms,

What they say is true,

The third timeÕs a charm.

By Chanandmon4ever (through Monica's point of view)

I would love any feedback, just tell me what you think.