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How do you think the finale will be resolved?

I want to know what you think! Send in your responses and I'll post them!

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name: Cayley
textarea: The finale will be resolved by Ross and Rachel getting together, Chandler and Monica staying together but they all still live in the same apartments. The final episode should have a flash to the future where they all are wrinkly and old but still drink coffee in Central Perk with Chandler being sarcastic, Phoebe being dizzy, Ross correcting everyone's grammar, Monica still cleaning up after everyone, Joey still giving all the girls his "How you doin'" line and Rachel being ecstatic because she got a new pair of shoes in the sale at Bloomingdale's. The final shot should be of everyone just getting on with there own lives while laughing at one of Chandlers jokes. The camera should zoom out slowly then fadeout. Whatever happens in the last episode better be funny because I will need something to keep the tears back.

name: Joanna Quin
textarea: I think Joey & Pheobe will get together, Ross & Rachel get back together & Monica & Chandler will stay together & they all live happily ever after!!!!!!!!

name: Gidget
textarea: I think that the "Ross-Rachel" thing will drag out through the next season. But they will never really get together until either the series ends or they make a Friends movie!

name: jeff bauman
textarea: I think that Ross & Rachel actually don't get married,but they get back together. Chandler & Monica will continue to go out, and Joey & Phoebe might get hooked up this season.

name: Charlene
textarea: I think that Ross and Rachel will realise that they are meant for each other and stay married.

name: Nat
textarea: I think the finale will be Monica and chandler living in the same apartments, but being together as a couple. Ross and Rachel will get together. I dont know about Joey and Phoebe. The best ending is if Joey gets together with Phoebe, but I dont think the writers will do that because its too obvious? The best ending for me is if it doesn't end. As I will cry when it does end.

name: Alypio
textarea: I think... (or i hope) Chandler and Monica have to leave the Chapel in order to look out for Ross and Rachel. When that's solved, they decide to remain engaged. Something funny happens with the stealed/borrowed shirt. Ross and Rachel reaaaaaaally freak out about being married, and then they realize that they have filled all the papers the wrong way (because of how drunk they were). But the whole marriage thing leads them to start thinking about them as a couple again, so that, in season 6 we can see some of the cute stuff that used to happen in season 1 with those, and some flirting and all. Joey and Phoebe HAVE to have some good storyline, but i can't think of one right now. It would be really cool if we got to see Chandler's dad while they're in Vegas.

name: Terry
textarea: The finale has to be hillarious!!!!! Chandler and Monica get married!!!!! And, they're having a baby, a daughter I prefer and I think they should name her Yasmine! So, C&M live in another house! Ross and Rachel are engaged, they live together and they live at apartment no. 20!! And, they turn Monica's room to a Gym (yet....again!^_^). Joey can't find a new roommate, so he asked Phoebe to be his new roommate. Phoebe agreed and they're gonna be......y'know.....STILL Joey and Phoebe, nothing change......^_^ Aaand, they still drink coffee in Central Perk!! HAH!!!