Past Questions

What do you think will happen with Monica and Chandler during this season?

name: Brittany
textarea: In my opinion nothing much will happen to them this season. It is too early for them to break up. That usully happens like a year or so later. They will probably get in to some small conflicts but nothing that they don't resolve.

name: donna
textarea: i dont know what will happen but i hope that they stay together till the end and maby the final episode ever would be chandler and monica getting married (and i meen really married not just ross and emily married) hey maybe it would be a double wedding with ross and rachel

name: rd
textarea: i think that monica will end up with joey

name: Kyle Mountford
textarea: I think to two should get together and then get married

textarea: I think that Monica and Chandler will go a step futher in their relationship. (Maybe marriage perhaps?);)

name: tracker26
textarea: i think they will get evencloser

name: Niki
textarea: I think that monica and chandler are going to get married or monica will get pregnat because she wants kids sooo badly. Whatever it is , it will be a cliffhanger and we'll all be on pins and needles all summer.

name: Karoline Stangenes
textarea: I think that they will stay together! They are a perfect couple!!

textarea: We reckon that Chandler will propose to Monica to prove that he isn't afraid of commitment but she'll say NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

name: Marie
e-mail: Maz1649129
textarea: The season is now over, but hey!! I think that they'll get married Courtney Cox is now pregnant therefore they have to have a baby!! Either that or she could have an illicet incestuous affair with Ross and Ben could have a new baby brother!! Ciao XXX

name: Anna Claessen
textarea: I think that everybody knows at the end that they are together but I think that they will be together because they┤re so pretty together they belong to eachother. That┤s what I think. So I hope that It will be like I hope.

name: Bert
textarea: they will marry and have a kid

Do you think Ross will marry Emily? What do you want to happen?

name: Natalie
textarea: I definately think that Ross shouldn't marry Emily and one day marry Rachel. Because of cause they were made for each other.

name: susan
textarea: I've already read that ross dumps emily at the alter after he sees rachel in the crowd (she's come to London to breakup the wedding and tell ross that she loves him). Normally I would be very happy about this news, but rachel has become such a bitch this season that I've lost all interest in her romance with ross. Ross derserves better and I really like the character of emily, but I know that the Brittish actress has other work committments and can't stay on the show. The writers could have picked a better way to exit her from the show, rather than having her be dumped by the guy (ross) who fought so hard to marry her in the first place. I've also read that ross and rachel marry instead and that chandler and monica have sex. If both of these things happen then the show will just start going downhil from there. Just the same, I will tune in to the season finale and next year to see if all this info. is correct or just alot of tabloid fluff. E-mail me and let me know your opinion.

name: Marianne R°pke Pedersen
textarea: Of course he's gonna marry Rachel, she is the love of his life.

name: Aimee
textarea: Yes, I think Ross and Emily will actually get married. I think I do want this wedding to happen. I don't know really.... Right now I am having such lukewarm feelings, almost sad really. I just watched TOW Ross proposes and I am having a strange reaction. Either way, it will be interesting to see what does happen.

textarea: No, I really don't want Ross to marry Emily. I still think that someday he's going to marry Rachel. He's just so much better with her that with Emily. And that thing, about the earring? He would have never gotten it if he were with Rachel, because that's not who he is. He may feel that he is more himself when he's with her, but really. Ross? Living dangerously? He hasn't been himself with her. And it's not that she brings it out in him. He's changed into wha tshe wants him to be, and that's a really bad way to begin any relationship.

name: khrystyna
textarea: I like Emily and Ross together, they are very sweet and romantic, but it's Ross and Rachel that starts the flame in my heart. I want the mtogether, but I don't want to see Emily get hurt, maybe if she calls off the wedding we qwon't get repeats of Ross dumping women for Rachel. Let him get dumped!

textarea: No, I don't think Ross will marry Emily and he shouldn't. I want him back with Rachel but I don't want to see them married just yet.

textarea: I think that Ross should get married to Emily and they should stay together.Maybe when Ross gets married Rachel and Ross will stop acting like children and act like they did in Season 1

name: samantha sweeney
textarea: Yes he will marry her, no I hope he does not!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to see him with rachel

name: Cristina
textarea: I don't think Ross and Emily should get married. I always pictured Ross and Rachel getting married, and I don't want Ross to end up with someone else.

name: Jennifer
textarea: I have only watched up to Season 3 and from ther it seems that Rachel and Ross really DO deserve to be with each other as they really do care for each other so so much and it seems that ervyer girl Ross dates apart from Rachel just doesn't match up - like he is dating them just oz he can 't have Rachel. But it seems a shame that the only times Rachel really appreciates ROss is when she can't have him - why can't they just grow up and accept that they can't live without each other?

name: Anat
textarea: I know for a fact that Ross won't marry Emily, and I'm sorry for it. Ross and Rachel were sweet at the beginning, but then they become boring and annoying! before and after their breakup! I say - goodbye Ross and Rachel, Welcome - Chandler and Monica

name: Jess
textarea: NO HE WILL NOT MARRY EMILY! Helen Baxendale isn't available next season. He has to marry Rachel, it's a must! Ross&Rachel4eva!

textarea: I really hope Ross does not marry Emily. It would ruin the show seeing Rachel depressed anytime Ross and Emily are around. ross and rachel belong together!

name: Becki
textarea: NO! Ross won't marry Emily he'll end up with his lobster Rachel and that's how I want it. No-one can touch what Ross and Rachel had between them

textarea: I think that Ross should marry Emily!!!!! If he gets back with Rachel, then she will probably torture his nerves with that infamous "At least I didn't cheat on my boyfriend" idea. I mean, they WERE on a break! Emily is very perfect for Ross. But I think that she has to consider some things. Possibly get married later, but I guess it is too late. I don't think that Rachel actually loves Ross, either. I think she is jealous that she can't see Joshuah any more, and BANG! Ross is getting married and she's invited to the wedding, what should she do, say she's not going and then get depressed and figure out that she loves Ross? No! But I think that the writers of FRIENDS have made the climax to be that Emily will get angry and then dump him at the wedding and then Rachel has Ross all to herself and they get back together. But that's just my opinion.

name: eyte
textarea: Just because Ross doesn't marry Emily it doesn't mean he'll marry Rachel. I think he'd be upset with Rachel for ruining his wedding, and if it does turn out to one of those "fanfic" things, like "Ohh, It's always been you Rach" and "I love you" and a whole lot of them kissing and suh I will puke. I think Rachel is a bitch, and she's not part of the group because somebody met her, or thought she was nice, she just took a room at Monica's, without asking, and thereby got herself a place in the group. I think people are starting to get tired of her. Oh, and by the way, Chandler and Monica rules, I hope THEY end up getting married! (PS: For fans, check out the Friends interactive season, so far with TOW all the music, where everybody fights with Rachel, and "Friends" are created, and TO at the Knicks game, whare they, duh, go to a Knicks game. (TOW the crazy fans is started next week))

textarea: I am SO sick of the "Ross and Rachel" deal. It's boring. Couldn't the writers just do something unusual, and show a couple that could go back fromlovers to just friends. I hope Ross marries Emily,or atleast refuses Rachel. Rachel just like him 'cause she knows he likes her, and has for a long time, not for anything else. Spend some time on Chandler and Monica instead, 'cause that's something that havent been in EVERY SINGLE episode, and even though Ross and Rachel have a history together Chandler and Monica look much moore inlove. (or atleast Chandler does)

name: tara
textarea: I know Ross still has feelings for rachel because as he was about to say 'I Ross take the Emily' he said Rachel instead. More important is the impending Chandler-Monica relationship which excites me more. Ross-Rachel has been done (and done and done...) but the script writers have a chance to do something really cool here. I think it would be a mistake to gloss over the whole issue but at the same time they mustn't let it take the show over like they did with R&R. Maybe they could have them go out together in secret but everyone knows (or something;I don't have much of an imagination). What do other people think?
P.S. Does anyone else realise that in real life they would all have slept with each other and would spend all their time bitching whoever wasnt there at the time?

name: Cici
textarea: Forget Ross and Rachel. It's gonna be all about Chandler and Monica in the upcoming season.

name: Neve
e-mail: Revelate84
textarea: I want Rass to marry Rachel!! I think Ross really loves them both.