The Ultimate Friends Quiz

How much do you really know?

Note: the answers can be found by scrolling down from the end of the quiz

Q1) Why do people think that Chandler is gay?
a)He regularly kisses Ross
b)He just has a quality
c)Because he is

Q2) What does WENUS stand for?

Q3) What's the name of the man who lived below the girls' floor?

Q4) What horrific act did Phoebe commit when her husband left her?

Q5) What pet name do Monica's folks call her?

Q6) Ross broke a Brown Birds arm by tripping her up. True or false?

Q7) What was the name of Chrissie Hynde's character who played in Central Perk?

Q8) In a flashback episode when Rachel and Monica were going to their prom,what was Ross playing on the stairs?

Q9) What band did Ross, Monica and Chandler see on Ross's birthday?

Q10) What was the name of the egg dish that Chandler's mad roommate, Eddie liked to cook?

Q11) What liquid did both Joey and Chandler drink out of Monica's fridge, that looked like apple juice but wasn't?

Q12) What did Phoebe find in her soda can?

Q13) And how much money was she awarded?

Q14) What was Ben's first word?

Q15) What is Chandler's 'nubbin'?

Q16) When Monica asked Phoebe for a Demi Moore haircut, whose hairstyle did she actually get?

Q17) What song was playing when the Xerox girl kissed Ross?

Q18) Which two Friends have had plastic surgery and where?

Q19) Where does Joey keep his copy of The Shining?

Q20) What did Phoebe rename the flick 'It's A Wonderful Life'?

Q21) What was Marcel's favourite song?

Q22) Where did Monica and Ross's girlfriend Julie go shopping together, much to Rachel's disgust?

Q23) What kind of disease was Joey the poster boy for?

Q24) How does Chandler get rid of Eddie?

Q25) What song did Rachel sing at Barry and Mindys wedding reception?

Q26) Who said "Excuse me, you don't think I can get a Brian? Because I could get a Brian, believe you me"?

Q27) When Phoebe was busking, what did some lad throw into her guitar case?

Q28) When Chandler is about to dump Janice on Valentines Day, what does he reckon he's coming back as in a later life?

Q29) What aftershave did Joey have to spray while working in a department store?

Q30) What does Phoebe's brother Frank want to buy when he comes to stay in the Big Apple?

Q31) In 'The Flashback One', which two Friends kissed on a pool table?
a)Monica and Joey
b)Phoebe and Ross
c)Chandler and Rachel

Q32) What does Rachel get tattooed on her hip?

Q33) "I mean, it's like this chemical thing. She starts laughing and all I wanna do is pull off my arm, just so I have something to throw at her." Who is Joey describing?

Q34) How many times did Ross and Monica's grandmother die?

Q35) In Joey and Chandlers flat, who are the two comics on the poster?
a)Beavis and Butt-head
b)Abbott and Costello
c)Laurel and Hardy

Q36) Ross's girlfriend Julie was an architect. True or false?

Q37) Chandler has a thing about a cartoon character and the clothes it does or doesn't wear. Who is it?

Q38) What is the colour of the girls apartment door?

Q39) In 'The One When The Underdog Gets Away', who likes their Thanksgiving potatos with the following:
ii)Peas and sweetcorn

Q40) Who said "It's like you're marking your territory. You might as well come in and pee aroung my desk"?

Q41) What was Rachel wearing the first time she appeared in Friends?

Q42) When Julia Roberts strips Chandler in the men's restroom, what does she leave him wearing?

Q43) What five things did Ross write about Rachel in the list?

Q44) What was the chocolate substitute that Monica had to invent dishes for?

Q45) When Joey is donating sperm, what does his girlfriend send him for being so unselfish in bed?

Q46) Why did Rachel dump Paolo?

Q47) When Ross tastes Carols breast milk, what does he stuff in his gob?

Q48) What character is played by James Michael Tyler?

Q49) Which three Scrabble letters did Marcel eat?

Q50) Which name hasn't Joey used as a stage name?
a)Joseph Stalin
b)Holden McGroin
c)Sammy C Lion

Q51) What is Chandler's bank account number?

Q52) What was Phoebes 'Grandma Song' about?
a)A Grandma dying
b)Her Grandmas taxi
c)Her Mom committing suicide

Q53) What's the name of the old woman who's spirit enters Phoebe's body?

Q54) What foods are Ross alergic too?

Q55) What was the poem called that Julio wrote for Monica?

Q56) How many sisters does Joey have?

Q57) And what's the name of the one Chandler got off with?

Q58) How many boxes of cookies did Ross sell for the Brown Birds?

Q59) How does Joey tell one of his soap students to play Nick the Boxer for an audition?

Q60) What's his advice to his students if they need to cry in a scene?

Q61) In 'The One With The Monkey', who kisses Chandler at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve?

Q62) In the very first episode, Rachel explains that she left Barry, her fiancee, at the alter because he looks like whom?

Q63) Why won't Joey cook oatmeal in the nude?

Q64) What was the wierdest place that Ross and Carol ever had sex?

Q65) Which two TV doctors guested in 'TOW Two Parts, Part Two'?

Q66) What zoo does Marcel the Monkey get sent to?

Q67) And why does he get sent here?

Q68) What was the name of the annual touch-football game that Ross and Monica used to play?

Q69) Complete the rest of Phoebes sentence: "I floss to..."
a)Clense my aura
b)Save lives
c)Get bits of Spinach out of my teeth

Q70) Who did Joey play on "Days of Our Lives"?

Q71) How was he dumped from the show?

Q72) What was the number of the sperm donor that Monica chose in a moment of spinstery angst?

Q73) Who's Chandlers favourite actress in 'Baywatch'?

Q74) Who told Rachel that Ross had slept with the Xerox girl?

Q75) What did Chandler give Janice to show that he was committed?

Q76) Who's Bea?

Q77) And can you complete the song she used to sing?
"I am Bea/I drink tea/Won't you..."

Q78) What's the name of Rachels boss at Bloomingdales?

Q79) 'Smelly Cat' became an advertising jingle for which product?

Q80) Who was the last to get picked for touch football?

1 b
2 Weekly Estimated Net Usage System
3 Mr Heckles
4 She ate a cheeseburger
5 Our Little Harmonica
6 False - he hit her with a squash raquet
7 Stephanie Schiffer
8 A synthesiser
9 Hootie and the Blowfish
10 Eggs a la Eddie
11 Fat
12 A human finger
13 $7000
14 Hi
15 His third nipple
16 Dudley Moore
17 With or Without You (U2)
18 Rachel:Nose job, Chandler:3rd nipple removed
19 In the freezer
20 It's a Sucky Life
21 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
22 Bloomingdales
23 VD
24 Getting Joey to move back in
25 Copacabana (Barry Manilow)
26 Chandler
27 Condom
28 Toilet brush
29 Hombr=E9
30 Ninja stars
31 b
32 A heart
33 Janice
34 Twice
35 c
36 False, she was a palaeontologist
37 Donald Duck
38 Purple
39 i) Ross, ii)Phoebe
40 Rachel
41 Wedding dress
42 Hot pink thong
43 Spoilt, chunky ankles, ditzy, waitress, and too into her looks
44 Mock-late
45 Fruit basket
46 He hit on Phoebe
47 Oreo Cookie
48 Gunther
49 M, O, K
50 c
51 714357457
52 a
53 Rose Edelman
54 Kewi fruit, penuts, and lobster
55 The Empty Vase
56 Seven
57 Mary Angela
58 517
59 Super gay
60 He says he cuts a hole in his trouser pocket and pulls out his leg hair with a tweezer
61 Joey
62 Mr Potato Head
63 Because it splatters
64 Disneyland
65 ER's Dr. Ross (George Clooney) and Dr.Carter (Noah Wyle)
66 San Diego
67 He kept humping things
68 The Gellerball
69 b
70 Dr Drake Ramoray
71 He fell down a lift shaft
72 37135
73 Yasmin Bleeth
74 Gunther
75 A drawer
76 As a kid Ross dressed up as a girl and this was her name
77 Dance along with me
78 Joanne
79 Cat Litter
80 Rachel