3/9- "The One Where Ross Dates a Student"
Ross risks losing his job when he entertains the idea of dating an attractive student (guest star Alexandra Holden).

3/16- Repeat: "The One With the Routine"
Janine (guest star Elle Macpherson) invites Joey, Monica and Ross to a TV taping; Phoebe and Rachel want an early glimpse at their Christmas gifts.

3/23 "The One With Joey's Fridge"
Monica and Phoebe compete to see who can find the best date for Rachel; Joey schemes for a new refrigerator. (Detailed summary below)

Warning-Detailed episode information below!
Episode 619- TOW Joey's Fridge

Joey is in his apartment, trying to fix his refrigerator. He tries to convince Rachel, his roomie, that she needs to give him $400 to pay for half of a new fridge, saying that he has had it since he was one year old and as soon as she moved in, it broke. Joey says he knows the ATM will only give $300, so he will take a check for the rest. Rachel looks at him and says, "It's good you're so pretty!" then leaves. Joey smiles to himself.

In Central Perk, Ross tells the others that he got an anonymous evaluation from a student that said that he was a "hottie". The others give him grief that maybe the note wasn't from a girl. Rachel says that she needs a date for a formal charity function that Ralph Lauren is giving. When asked what the charity is, she says "trees . or disease". Monica mentions how Ralph must mumble when she is not paying attention and Rachel agrees. Rachel says she just needs someone who owns a tux, or has $50 to rent one, then looks at Joey, who gives a gesture like of course that's not him.

Ross meets the girl Elizabeth (Alexandria Holder), obviously a freshman, who sent him the anonymous note, and they go out on a date. In Ross's apartment, Ross reads from the college manual that states that "professors cannot date students" and "no hotplates". They're then drawn to each other by the fact that their dating is "forbidden". In Joey's apartment, Joey tries to get Chandler to pay for half of the refrigerator. They talk for a while, then Chandler tells Joey, "It's good you're so pretty" and leaves.

Phoebe comes to Monica and Chandler's to tell them that she has the perfect date for Rachel. Monica and Chandler say they also have the perfect guy from Chandler's work. They argue about who has the better choice. Phoebe says that she's given her guy a massage and implies that he is built. Monica says that she thought Phoebe wasn't supposed to look, then Chandler says "Wait a minute, you massaged me" and Phoebe makes a face like she saw and wasn't impressed. Chandler brags on their choice so much that Monica asks Chandler if he wants to date him.

Ross and Elizabeth meet in his office and make out, then she begins to mention that spring break is coming up. They are interrupted by another professor (played by Jim Bentley, who is the comic who warms up the audience.). Ross covers by saying that he'll take an order of thin mints, as she leaves. Ross then goes to Joey's apartment and tell Chandler and Joey that he's worried that she is going to ask him to go to spring break with her, and that the relationship is moving too fast. Chandler says to just talk to her about it. Ross says, yeah, but what if she gets mad? And Chandler says, "Then you just distract her with a Barbie doll." Then Joey pushes Ross into the fridge and tries to get him to pay for it.

In Ross's office, Ross tells Elizabeth that he can't go with her on spring break, and she tells him that he misunderstood, that she was just letting him know that she'd be gone for a couple of weeks. In Central Perk, Rachel comes in with Sebastian, who she just met at the newsstand while they were both reaching for the latest issue of Field and Stream. Chandler, Monica and Phoebe both sabotage the meeting by asking Sebastian questions like "Does he volunteer? (Phoebe's guy does) or if he's funny (C&M's guy is). Sebastian leaves. Ross comes in and talks about Elizabeth leaving for spring vacation. Chandler asks if it's spring vacation, like with grandparents, or spring break, WOO HOO! Ross leaves to call Elizabeth and find out. When he comes back, he says "It's spring break, WOO HOO", and is depressed.

Ross and Elizabeth are in her apartment while she packs. She tells Ross how glad she is that Ross is being supportive, then Ross complains about the tiny bikini top she is packing. She says "Is that being supportive?" Ross hold the top up to his chest and says "Is this?"

In Central Perk, Chandler and Monica spring their choice, Eldot(?) on Rachel, then Phoebe brings in Patrick, her choice. Chandler, Monica and Phoebe each start extolling the virtues of their guys, who sit on both sides of Rachel looking extremely embarrassed, especially when Chandler mentions how soft Eldot's hair is. Rachel gets mad at everyone and leaves, but then comes back, feels Eldot's hair and asks, "Do you use some special conditioner or something?"

Ross sees Elizabeth off at the airport. She tells him not to worry, she's only going to hang around with her friends, then says "Oh, here they come now." A dozen big guys come running up yelling her name, throw her on their shoulders and run out of the room.. Ross just stands there, then says "Call me."

The closing scene is in Monica and Chandler's apartment. They and Phoebe apologize to Rachel for trying to set her up. She says that she had a great time going to the benefit alone. Then Joey comes in and says he just got a message from Ross, telling them to turn on MTV. They turn on the TV to see Elizabeth dancing with a boy at the beach. Then Ross is seen butting the boy out of the way so he can dance with her instead. Rachel just shakes her head and says "Doctor Geller".

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