Last Week On Friends

I'm not quite sure what I think of this season yet-we'll have to wait and see if the standards set last season can be met. I'm a little concerned about what having Monica and Chandler move in together will do to the show. Yeah, realistically, these six would be bound to get married and move on with their lives eventually but the show hasn't dealt with this kind of situation yet. I thought it was a little weird that Monica didn't even discuss with Rachel that she wanted to move in with Chandler. I understand that the apartment is more Monica's then Rachel's, but they've been living together for a long time. Monica at least owed it to Rachel to talk about it. I also didn't like the way Monica attempted to squeeze the sorrow out of Rachel,trying to make her feel bad. On the other hand, Joey's reaction to Chandler moving out was one of the most genuine moments of this season so far.

At first I found the annullment storyline a little on the ridiculous side, especially when Ross was trying to convince Rachel that it didn't really matter if they were married or that she shouldn't do anything about because she owed him a favor. But, particularly in the second episode, David Schwimmer delivered his lines so well that it almost made up for the weaknesses of the storyline. I noticed that all the other plots seem to be serving Ross's plot. I kind of enjoyed the parts where Phoebe was attempting to get Ross to realize he loved Rachel, but it is something that shouldn't continue over any more episodes and may have set into effect something that could seriously hurt the show. I don't mind if Ross and Rachel get back together. What I don't want to see is bickering or a repetion of the events of the earlier seasons. There is one important aspect of the Ross not wanting to get an annulment storyline that really bothers me. That is that Rachel was sure she loved Ross before he married Emily, but now she's seemingly over Ross and clueless to the fact that he likes her again. You'd think the writers could come up wih something a little more original. I just hope that if the writers are planning a Ross and Rachel reunion they don't stretch the storyline out or force it into being the focus of the show.